Thursday, October 5, 2017

Georgia Mae is 11 Months! And a little trip to Walden Farm.

I couldn't wait to hold her.  Pregnancy and I are not friends and those last few weeks are sometimes the hardest.  I remember finally making it to October last year and thinking " I'm almost there..." It's hard to believe that I'll be planning her first birthday party and watching her taste cake for the first time in just a few short weeks!  

Georgia Mae at 11 months old: 

* This little baby LOVES to snuggle.  I don't remember my other girls doing this, but Georgia will grab my shirt and hang on as tight as she can while I rock her.  Don't worry sweet baby.  Mommy plans to snuggle you til you're a teenager :)

* Her favorite word is Uh-oh.  She can actually say this on command too.  
* She can clap and if you praise her and clap, she does a little wiggle she gets so happy!
* She is the best eater and likes almost anything we give her.  Favorites are still avocados, eggs, and blueberries.  She also loves any pasta.  She is my child...
* She has 4 teeth 
* Peek a Boo is her favorite game 
* She loves her big sisters and thinks their room and their toys are a hidden treasure she has discovered.  

Last October was such a hard month for me.  I was so uncomfortable and so PREGNANT.  I remember taking my big girls to Walden Farm a few days before Georgia was born and praying I would go in to labor that day.  I walked all over that farm but she made me wait a few more days to hold her.  I thought about that hard October day as I strolled Georgia around this afternoon.  She smiled watching her sisters ride the train and run through the maze, their giggles echoing through the air.  

I remember our very first trip to Walden Farm when Abigail was just two years old and every year I look back at pictures to see how much my girls have changed.  

My sweet Georgia Mae got a small taste of October today and I can't wait to introduce her to all the beauty of fall.  Jumping in the leaves in our backyard and baking pumpkin muffins with her sisters.  Swinging in the hammock with Daddy and picking out pumpkins for our front porch.  Apple picking on the farm and nature walks on the trail.  Today was just the beginning. 

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