Thursday, June 1, 2017

Georgia Mae {7 Months Old}

Wow!  Life has been busy here at the Harder house of pink.  We have been renovating our house and working on exterior painting the last several weeks.  Little Georgia Mae has also had a busy few weeks developmentally, and so much has changed for her in the last month.   

My little peanut said "mama" for the first time.  She is the first of my girls to say my name first, so obviously it melted my heart!  It's the sweetest sound to finally hear your babies develop their own little voice and say your name.  I could just bottle up the sweetness.  

Georgia also started sitting unsupported, and she is so proud of herself!  She will push herself up from her belly and once she gets balanced, she grins and gives me the sweetest look of accomplishment!  I could eat her up!
This is what Georgia Mae is doing at 7 Months:

* Sitting unsupported
* Rocking in quadruped
* Pulling herself forward on her belly
* Eating lots of new foods.  Her favorites are green beans, squash, banana, and avocado.  

* She is learning how to hold and use her first sippy cup! 
* Mama is her only word so far...must mean I'm awesome :)
* She loves to motorboat and make kissing sounds 
* She's a snuggle bug.  I love my mornings with her.  She wakes up a few minutes earlier than my big girls so I soak up the snuggles on the couch with my first cup of coffee.  Then I have the multiple cups of coffee as the madness of the morning ensues!  

I have been a little sad thinking of how big she is getting and how quickly things are changing.  Four to eight months is my absolute favorite baby stage because they sit in your lap and let you kiss on them and hold them tight.  In just a few short weeks, she will figure out that crawling thing and leave me to explore.  She already tries to get her little body to move toward her sisters.  She can't wait to join them in all the fun!  

It has been the sweetest seven months for our family and I can't imagine our lives without these three little girls.  When I am wearing Georgia or she is covered in the stroller, strangers will stop and ask if our third is a boy.  I wish I could scream from the highest mountain that I wanted three little girls and am SO happy that Georgia is the little baby God had for our family.  She is the perfect addition and we adore her!

{Seven Months Old ~Georgia Mae}

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